Women Empowerment Workshop Program - 10 Workshops

Women Empowerment Workshop Program - 10 Workshops

Karime Abib • 27 April 2020
Event date 1 Jun 19:00 - 21 Sep 21:00
Event location Online - Link provided after registration • , Switzerland
10 Workshops of 2 hours each within a comprehensive content on Women Empowerment and way to support leaders and all women to change the world through feminine power in alignment with SDG5. Check the LINK HERE for detailed information and testimonials of women who have worked with us.
Why we are offering this program:

The feminine way does not show enough in our world and certainly is not being applied effectively in leadership, at the workplace or in communities. We can only change the world into a more inclusive and collaborative one if we start by taking responsibility as women and combine the male and female qualities.

To whom this program has value:

For determined women who know they can own their position and power in the world. Women searching for ways to be more effective learning from self-awareness, theory, experience and role models.